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Idea #3 – Five Ways to Foster a Child’s Imagination

Idea #3: Mold Shapes and Forms With Dough

Montana's Mr. PotatoheadChildren learn how to sculpt with play dough at a very early age.  It can be great fun, but it dries out quickly.  You can find recipes online for making homemade play dough, or you can try modeling clay.  Clay is much sturdier and comes in many color varieties that will mold into recognizable and intricate people, places, or things.  Homemade Slime and goop are fun, too. Children love to let the slime slip through their fingers. Give a child green slime and listen to their comments. You will more than likely hear a lot of “Ewwww”s and “Yuck”s.  There always seems to be comments about boogers or monsters from a lagoon. Just relax, laugh and remember the silly things you imagined when you were a kid. Having children play with new textures is a great way to help them stretch their creativity.

Mr. Potato Head was made by my daughter using Sculpey Polymer Clay.

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