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Idea # 5 – Cook With Your Kids

Children love to eat, and if you teach them early, they can also learn to cook! Start out with simple recipes and give them tasks they can do along with you. Kids will feel a great sense of accomplishment from making their very own PB&J sandwich. Enlist their help washing carrots and broccoli for a snack. Because they prepared the veggies, they may be more apt to eat them. Introduce them to foods that they don’t normally get to eat, such as asparagus or eggplant.

Cooking with your children is an activity that will be strengthened through the years as they grow and age. It is a bonding experience for families and a great way to expose everyone to foods and cultures all over the world. You will find that your children will be more willing to try new foods and tastes because you have taught them to explore possibilities.

I remember the first time my mother allowed me to cook a recipe I found in a magazine. She helped me, of course, because I was only 6. It tasted amazing. Every time I smell cherries, I think of her.

So, pick up a children’s recipe book and read it with your child. Let them pick out a recipe for a meal. You never know, you could be raising a chef!

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