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You Are a Writer If Your Reader Says You Are

Bunny Reader

It’s fun to connect with the kids that are reading my new book. I enjoy comments about Louie’s clothes, eyes, and activities. But I’m very pleased when a child says, “What other stuff will he do?” Those types of questions get me excited about the next Louie book and continuing to write other stories.

Since my audiences are non-readers and beginning readers, I talk more to the parents or readers of the book than the children. Parents give great insight into what their kids enjoy in a book. Last week, my manager told me that she bought my book for her two young sons. (Yes, I have a full-time gig outside of my writing career.) She wanted to tell me what her son said about the book. Since she was laughing so hard, I was nervous to hear the feedback. Her youngest son told her, “I don’t think this was written by someone that works for you, Mom. This was written by a real writer.” I didn’t laugh. I smiled. I love that quote. It made my day and week. If your reader says you are a writer, then you are a writer.

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