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My Super Special, Kinda Human Dog Named Louie

Get ready for the dog that thinks he’s a boy. Or is he a boy that just has too much hair? Whatever way you see him, he is a pretty incredible being. He’s My Super-Special, Kinda-Human Dog Named Louie.

Louie does amazing things. He likes to travel, sing, play the piano, and talk on the telephone. He’s always on an adventure, whether at home or on the road. There is not a lazy bone in his furry body. Come along with Louie and read about his good times. He is full of surprises, like winning his black belt in Kung Fu, traveling to the Australian Outback, and jetting off to Honolulu. Louie is smart. He reads, laughs, talks, and orders Chinese take-out. His only bad habit is his craving for bubblegum and candy, and that can get him into trouble.

Underneath all that fun and adventure, there is a sweet side to Louie. His heart is full of joy. He cares about his family and enjoys holidays and family outings. Friends are important to him and he enjoys clowning around, making them laugh, and meeting new people. Louie enjoys life. His silliness and sweetness are infectious. You are going to love him and he’ll leave you wondering what he will do next.

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Louie Book Cover

My Truly, Unruly Dog Named Louie

You’ll never find a dog like Louie! In My Truly, Unruly Dog Named Louie by Jeanne Andersen, you’ll meet a dog who can do some pretty amazing things.

Have you ever met a dog that joined the army, likes to travel, enjoys winter sports, and goes on fascinating adventures? There are no boring moments when you’re hanging out with Louie! Run along with little Louie as he meets Santa, travels down the Mississippi River on a steamboat, and cooks up a delicious vegetable stew. You’ll be traveling with fun and style with this cutie by your side.

Along with all that fun and adventure, Louie is a dog with a heart of gold. His undeniable sweetness is what keeps his family laughing while he touches the hearts of strangers.

Are you ready to go on the doggiest adventure ever? Travel along with Louie the dog, who thinks he’s a boy, but knows how to have fun!

You won’t guess what exciting thing he’ll do next!

Unruly Louie

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